Bathroom design service – How we bring the showroom to you

Would you travel to a bathroom showroom ?

Yes, you probably would, if you needed a new bathroom designing.

But, do you actually need to? Not if you approach a company who help you design your new bathroom from the comfort of your own home.

Not only is this more convenient, but it means your bathroom planner can take a proper look at your existing suite and take all the relevant measurements, there and then.

When a company visits you at home, they are also keeping costs down. With no expensive showroom to maintain they can offer you to most reasonable prices.Beautiful Bathrooms Supplied and Fitted From as Little as  £3,500 Including Tiles

Making the bathroom design process as easy as possible

Many customers love the fact we visit them at home as it makes things much easier for them. It also allows them to discuss their ideas with a trained professional who has taken a look at their current space. But, some customers are less convinced initially.

We get customers who point out…

“Visiting the showroom helps me decide. How will I know what I like and dislike?”

This is an understandable concern. You want to feel sure your chosen suite is as beautiful as you imagined. It’s important to understand how the layout will work. And how can you be sure on details like the colour and texture of the tiles without seeing them?

The answer? We bring the showroom to you.

At Olympus, we’ve developed a bathroom design service that shows you exactly what your new bathroom will look like, every step of the way. There’s no room for error and nothing’s left to the imagination. Here’s how we make it work:

Digital brochure and 3D images – we share a printed and electronic brochure with you to browse at your leisure. It contains 3D images of full bathroom designs, plus product information.

Suite from a leading UK manufacturer – you are provided with detailed information about your chosen bathroom appliances. The suites are categorised and pictured both within mock-ups and as itemised products, helping you pin down your favourite styles.

Realistic 2D designs, plus detailed plans – you receive technical plans and a full-colour 2D image to show you exactly how your chosen bathroom will look in your home.

Tile and wall panel and vinyl floor swatches – we can post out tile swatches for walls and floors for free we carry Shower panel swatches and vinyl flooring swatches.

You’re kept informed every step of the way – you’ll have sight of everything we plan to do and the installers will show you their progress each day. When items arrive, you’ll be able to take a look and we’ll be on hand to resolve any changes you need to make.

The main difference between this process and the typical showroom experience is the level of communication you receive from start to finish. At a showroom, salespeople are keen to wow you and close the deal. However, once you agree to the work, they often drop off the radar.

At Olympus, there are no salespeople. Your survey is carried about by a bathroom advisor and you receive dedicated customer care throughout the process. You deal with real people, in person, and our installers are full-time Olympus employees, not sub-contracted tradespeople.

It’s a bathroom design service that makes things as easy as possible for our customers. We understand a bathroom renovation is no small undertaking and that’s why we guide you through the process. But, don’t just take our word for it, why not read some first-hand accounts?

You can at

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